Friday, March 19, 2010


1.When hear the azan prayers up immediately
however the situation even.
2.Read Qur'an and books of knowledge, go to
council knowledge, and recite zikrullah and do not remove
time in things that no benefit.

3.Try your best to speak in Arabic as the language
Arabic the right is the only symbols of Islam.

4.Don't arguing in any matter because even
empty arguments that provide no benefit whatsoever.

5.Don't laugh a lot because the heart is always in relation
He was always calm and peaceful again.

6.Don't always joking because many people who struggle
that do not understand but hard in every

7.Don't speak more strident than the rate
required by the listener because of speech
which is a high-pitched notes on the futile and even
offend people.

8.Avoid snub-contracted from private persons, identify
organizations, and do not speak except any charitable giving.

9.Make friends with every Muslim who found
because basic movement is da'wah we get to-contact and

10.The duty more than we have time
on us, so use the good and
simplify the implementation.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

.:GIVE our LOVE 2 children:.

Imam Ali (as) was very kind to children, especially to orphans. If he ever saw an orphan crying, he would stop whatever he was doing, bend down, give the child his Salaam (greetings), wipe away the child's tears, put his hand on the child's shoulder and say, "My child, why are you crying? Has someone hurt you? Come; let me take you to my house."

Imam Ali son of Abu Talib (as) would take the child home and treat him better than any father. He would bring the child sweets, cakes and honey and put them in the child's mouth himself.

Imam Ali son of Abu Talib (as) used to tell his followers to love and be kind to orphans, especially the orphans of martyrs killed in the path of Allah. "They have lost their loving fathers," he used to say. "So cheer them up and look after them just like a father. Their fathers were martyred in Jihad and for the sake of Islam and they have rights on you. Make their souls pleased with you by cheering up their children and looking after them."

Imam Ali son of Abu Talib (as) was always attentive to orphans especially to those of the martyrs. He used to visit them and sit, chat and play with them He used to take care of their education and training. Imam Ali son of Abu Talib (as) would strive to solve their difficulties and always offered them guidance and advice. He would bring them gifts and, if they were poor, he would respectfully provide their expenses.

Imam Ali son of Abu Talib (as) was so kind to orphans and laid so much stress on them in his teachings that one of his companions (Sahaba) said: "How I wish that I too was a young orphan so that I would receive kindness and love from Imam Ali son of Abu Talib (as)."

Saturday, January 30, 2010

...There is no Time to resT...

salam fillah and hi everyone,
in this world, we saw many of us were busy with something that actually is not so important. most of adults including my abah were busy looking for money to continue our daily life. i admitted that the money is important but there is other things that we should pay attention. family. our muslims all over the world. the glory of ISLAM. ISLAM. ISLAM. ISLAM. i repeated for three times for u and me to remember this. we live in this world because of ALLAH. don't you ever forget that. if we not take ISLAM as the way of life, we will live in futile. many of us confessed that ' WE ARE MUSLIMS' , but shame of us we did not take ISLAM fully. remember this, ISLAM is a perfect religion.
:............ISLAM IS SYUMUL.................:...............ISLAM IS THE TRUTH RELIGION.............:

love BEFORE marriage? it is necessary?

in the name of ALLAH...
I LOVE U. UHIBBUK. AKU CINTA PADAMU. WO AI NI. AISYITERO. all these phrase were symbolized the expression of LOVE. but, if these beautiful phrase were use before we married, it will destroy the esthatics value of LOVE. imagine when this man express his feeling to his beloved woman without the 'halal relationship' or what we called ' a marriage', this couple will not feel the sweetness of marriage.they will lead a dull and sour life, unromantic and full of sorrowness. i did not say all the love before marriage will end with divorce, but that is the truth situation that happened in our community. so, if you were asking about my opinion about the title above, i'm bravely say, "be patient. this unique feeling will come by itself when ALLAH throw into our heart..."

love till the END....

alhamdulillah, we must always give praise to ALLAH because we still live in IMAN and ISLAM. without this two important elements, i'm sure we will surrender in this world. praise to ALLAH we still can lead a normal life, can eat a healthy food, can sleep well without any problems disturbing us....
but, we always forgot to say our brothers and sisters in Palestine, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Thailand and other muslims all over the world in our doa. how can we forgot them? do we know how they leading their life? to say the truth, we will never know....

i'm just a SLAVE...

i'm always thinking about myself. especially when i'm feeling lonely. i always thinking what will happen if ALLAH is taking my life now? am i ready for that moment? am i ready for the situation in 'there'? honestly, when i'm thinking about the 'afterlife', i'm feeling very afraid, and the result of this feeling is i will make sure my ibadah is perfect; my solah, my akhlak, and my muamalah with other people. to the non- muslims, do you know what is this feeling? it is called 'zikrulmaut', which means remember when the day we will die. are u ready to die?